Keep up with the most advanced trends in automotive with an experienced team to manage your projects.

Manufacturing & Assembly

We have high-quality manufacturing resources and suppliers for effective fitting and installation projects for all cars and trucks.

Parts Development

We provide high-end product identification and blueprint development for the industrial purpose to generate quality parts to replace damaged parts of your vehicle.

the global automotive industry

We have competitive cutting edge technology and resources to guarantee top-class products for your vehicles. Find the best solutions in the automotive industry at Lisupras.


Our team is providing the best replacement parts and performance components for cars and trucks to never compromise on their quality of driving and maintenance.

Car’S Dynamic & The Technical Side

We not only aim to provide better looks to your car but also improve it at its core level to achieve the best mechanic results.

oil classificationS

Motor Oils


Automotive Products



Autonomous Vehicles

We operate with the leading companies today to provide high-quality autonomous vehicle solutions to our clients.

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